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8 WHOLE Questions

Jun. 1st, 2008 | 10:45 am
mood: giddygiddy
music: Kimi no Egao no Kakumei

=> Post the questions in your journal, but answer them!
=> After that, tag 8 friends. If the friends don't do it, it means they don't give a shit about your entries and they aren't worthy to be on your f-list! :D Unless they got a good reason to not do it.
=> People who has already done the meme, if they are re-tagged, they don't have to do it again. They should inform the person who has tagged them again. (^.^)v

What would you say/do to the situation?

o1. If a man/woman approaches you asking for money, you have plenty of money, but you have some grocery shopping to do, you say?
I am a super sap for people in need, so I would give them a dollar or two.

o2. You are walking down the street, you see someone who looks extremely familiar and approach them, turns out that the person was someone whom you never even knew, you say?
If it was an asian: OMG I thought you were my extremely attractive boyfriend, but nvm mind... heres my number.
Relguar person: WHAT? YOUR NOT JESUS!

o3. The situation switches around, someone comes up to you saying,"Hey, it's been a long time! How are you?". You say?
Asian: OMG MY BOYFRIEND. Where have you been?
Regualr Person: Hello! But I think you have me confused with someone else.

o4. You find a 20$ bill on the sidewalk, you pick it up, and some stranger comes up to you and says that it was their's, you say/do?
What an INTERESTING question. Its twenty bucks, and I am stingy. I shove it in my pocket and RUN.

o5. You accidentally hit your friend with your car, she tells you she hates you and never want to talk to you again! You say?
Kay, well I am sorry, and talk too you tomorrow. She cant possibly be that angry.

o6. You are walking in the city of Osaka, Japan, you notice your favorite JROCK band, you say/do?
Ask them to sign my pants.

o7. The band, instead, approaches you, they ask for directions to a nearby store, but you have no idea because you are just a tourist, you say?
(Cause I look so amazingly simiular to an asian) SIGN MY PANTS!
I tag... Jesus. =D

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(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2008 | 09:47 am
location: the 9th level of hell, MUHAHAHAHa
mood: refreshedrefreshed
music: A nine Day's Wonder - Akeboshi

 Stole from bakacoconut

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Welcome Spring! It's about time!

Apr. 12th, 2008 | 08:25 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Shachimaru's Theme Okami OST

Another post for tonight, and its all thanks to the coming of spring, even though it causes horrible allergies, and discontent for 5 months, I still love it. After all, the winter is so dull. A playlist of music is in order! X3 All the songs that remind me of spring through the name or song. Here it is:
1. Cherry Blossom Color Season - Katamari Damacy OST
This album is an aquired taste...but I do like the little kid who is singing!
2. EVER FREE ~niji no kanata e~ - The Dead Pop Stars
This what the flowers are thinking when spring starts....
3. Hanauta - Duel Jewel
Sakura! Sakura! Who doesnt like little pink flowers, ne ne?
4. Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto - Gackt
I love waking up to this song! Its so refreashing and sweet. X3 Just like spring.
5. Clover - heidi
Who doesnt like looking through those patches of sweet smelling colvers, just to find the one that has four petals? >> I love it...although I usually dont find any. (A four leaf clover, is actually a mutation in the genes of the plant.)
6. Shinshuu Plains I and II - Okami OST
This song is so cute! >> I love this game and its beautiful OST. So light, yet sad. Listen to it!
7. Rosier - Luna Sea 
Who doesnt like this song Pfft, its greatness spawns seeds of Godlyness into peoples inner ears!
8. Kibou~Yell~ - NEWS
HORRAY HORRAY! Spring is here bitches!
9. Tranquility - Persona 3 OST
XD such a simple song, but its light and airy feeling makes me enjoy it alot!
10. Get Over the Rain - TM Revolution
It rains alot in spring, eh? Well... get over it. 
11. Position 18 - Sakanoue Yosuke
Awww.... so cute, and catchy!
12. Sound Life ~Lem - Trigun OST
Hmm X3 I love this song, it has the nicest beat, it really reminds me of sunbathing on the couch outside. 
13. 夢の場所へ - W-inds
XD Wow, this song is so old! Anyway, I love, it makes me nostalgic.
14. Valse de la Lune - Joyce
I do admit, the begninng sounds like elevator music. >> Its good though, spesh the chorus. Very beautiful.
15. Smallest Delight - .hack//sign OST
Wow, this song is wonderful! The piano and violin like are God and Jesus, one is greater then the other but both important XD. 

Well thats that. Hope you enjoyed.

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So I havent Died...

Apr. 12th, 2008 | 07:48 pm
mood: guiltyguilty
music: Volcano - Girugamesh

Wow its been so long since I have posted here! I really need to be more active again... welL I wasn't that active in the first place ^_^'. Anyway, I got my lisence... like 6 months ago, but none-the-less I got it!  Iwas pretty excited at first but no its just a pain. The car insurance bil is my worst nightmare. And I will save you all the trouble, and not talk about those damn gas prices.

Also last weekend, I went to the chaos tour, which was the second greatest thing that has ever happened to me. (Being born happens to first.) I had to get box seats, to fit my budget, but my friend and  still managed to get near the stage. We made a sign XD That said "D'espairs Ray Marry US" on one side, then MUCC in english and japanese on the other. Zero mangaed to see it, whether he could read it or not I dont know, but he waved to us XD. I was really disappointed that the crowd wasnt more excited when MUCC came out. It was pretty quite and dead. Anyway, thats not the interesting part XD. My friend and I got to meet D'espairs Ray, but unable to get a picture. T3T. Zero, was very entertained by the sign, and we got them all to sign it. I got to hug them all which was lovely X3. Karyu smelled like...heaven...and godlyness, I am not sure what it was, but JESUS it was wonderful. I shall remember that smell for the rest of my life. Then we got to meet MUCC who were also very entertained by our sign. Thats when Tatsurou pointed out my shirt XD. It was Visual Kei Shirt, that says it in Japanese and English. >> Yeah I was excited, got complamented by a Jrocker. Got to take a lovely picture with Tatsurou leaning on my shoulder. Next, was the underneath, I got them to sign my arm XD.  Then we hung out at the VK vendor, which was right by the underneath signing. Taka, the vocalist, elbowed my quite a few times, which was nice =3. Then talked to some interesting people for like 4 hours. It was a very lovely night. <3  must never forget it as long as I live.

Hmm nothing interesting happened until tomight, which would be at Mazio's. My mom called in an order, and they said it would take 20-25 minutes, so my mom dropped my off at Wal-mart and Radio shack, when she picked me up, she said that they were running behind, and that it was going to be another twenty minutes. No problem for my, but my mom was upset. So we go through the drive through and wait for about 15 minutes, and when we pulled up to the window, they said that they misunderstood my Mother, and cancelled our order. >> I dont know how my mom managed to get so upset! She started to yell at the window girl, then the manager. It was a box of pizza... Anyway she told the manager that she would wait for her meal, but only if it was free. The manager agreed, sourly I might add. So we parked the car and I began explaining to my Mom that what she did was really wrong. She said that it was the peoples fault and they should think of the customer once and while. Poor people in Mazio's were running around with their hand's so full, they could only do they best they could. I futher explained to her that she always tells me "Think of what God would think of you." Even though I dont believe in God, and the bible's miracles can be explained with science. She just like sat there silent for a minute, and told me I was right. "Maybe you should go in and apologize, and pay for our meal." >> Nope, I had to do it. But she said she didnt want to say she was sorry. I had to go in and apologize, and pay, which i didnt really mind all that much. SoI walk in the resturant, and the girl at the frive through was in tears! I felt so bad for her! I asked for the manager when he had a momnet, and when he came around the coner, he did not at all pleased to see me. I told him I was really sorry for my Mom's behavior, and I want to pay for my meal in full. He explained that several people called in today, and its been very busy, and I understand that all to well. He wouldn't accept the money, but we compromised in paying for half price. >> I felt so bad for that girl, I really just wanted to hug her. Anyway all I can say is that hopfully, she doesnt take it personally, and that I am really sorry! 

Hmm that pretty much covers all the interesting stuff I believe XD. >> (Even if it wasnt that interesting.)

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Mar. 9th, 2008 | 09:59 am
mood: tiredtired
music: Exdream

Yeah I didnt die haha. Just been so busy, and now that its close to spring break I got  a little spare time. (well actually alot, Horray!) Anyway I am going to buy a better keybored, and then hopefully write a longer entry. This one that I have right now has been compeletly destroyed by my dad. *stabba stabba*

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(no subject)

Dec. 15th, 2007 | 08:49 pm
mood: busybusy
music: Release Me - Schwarz Stein

I have FINALLY (don't ask me what took so long) recieved my wonderful new album of the lovely, and talented L'arc-en-Ciel! Yeah, they are amazing, love them... seriously...I have heard that people don't enjoy the direction they are heading towards, but I must disagree. New L'arc-en-Ciel is awesome and so is the old. Nothing can live if it can't change. Plus, I bet they get bored of giving you the same sound all the time too.

2. Pretty Girl
3. My Heart Draws A Dream
4. Sunaokei
5. Spiral
8. Umibe
9. The Black Rose
10. Link -kiss mix-
11. Yuki no Aishiato
12. Hurry Xmas

-Cover Design-
Well, I love the art! Reminds me a bit of the Ipod commercial except backwards, and with old fashioned headsets. The cover is hard paper, and not plastic which sorta upsets me. Not that I don’t take good care of my CDs, but accidents do happen in my room, which is the size of a closet, and I could SPILL something on it, making it wrinkly and icky looking. I might even drop it, and it could be bent...forever! On a much happier note, it has a really cute member picture, that made my heart skip a beat when I first saw it. The fold out, is a problem child though. Its like a map...or a rubrics cube x.x 

When this came out like in June...July?... I was really excited! Hyde's solo career didn't really impress me. So here they come to grant my wishes of being amazing once again. The song is popish, and upbeat. With strong vocals, and an uplifting pace. That little guitar part just makes me all warm and fuzzy XD.

-Pretty Girl-
"Pretty Girl...Pretty Girrrrl, yeah ah!" WO~ I love this song. It short...too short. Another uplifting song, and it makes me wanna dance a bit. >> Which you don’t’ wanna see.

-My Heart Draws a Dream-
I have to admit, I tossed this song, as one that I ‘didn't really care for’ bin when it first came out. I realize that I was wrong. This song kicks....booty. *coughs* LOVELY, WONDERFUL instrumentals, that just 'wow' you. Sexy, and a melodic vocals, that makes your heart melt. Relaxing, but not to slow. That 'lala-ing' is the best thing since the creation of opposable thumbs. Once you have this song stuck in your head, there’s no way of getting it to come out.

The reason I love L'arc-en-Ciel, right here. An interesting song, even though I have no earthly idea of what they are saying, I am sure the words are the sex. It's a bit repetitive, but catchy! Fierce vocals and a danceable beat. ^^ Just makes the day look a little more brighter.

-Daybell's Break-
I like this song....yeah like. Doesn't make me jump for joy. The instrumentals don’t blend...together...but go well with being together. The piano though is a step above the rest if you ask me. The hitch pitch singing is pretty great though. Thumbs up for Hyde!

This song is a bit heavier sounding then the other songs on this album. it’s a nice difference though. The guitar solo grabs my heart and rips it out, cause it is awesome like that. The drums are really nice an clear as well. Nice track ^^
-Yuki no Aishiato-
I am not a bug fan of slow paced songs….but if it’s L’arc-en-Ciel I do. ^^ *pauses to pet my dog* Yes, its very sexy, and romantic sounding. The guitar once again is really pretty, and vocals are loud and clear.

-Hurry Xmas-
>> I don’t care for Christmas music, and sadly I say, even Hyde’s voice doesn’t it make it better. Just reminds me that I have only bought a Christmas present for ONE of my 6 friends I plan spending money on. I do like the jazz sound in it though. I do find the chorus cute too. Okay, track if you enjoy Christmas carols.

Well, that’s all dears. IF you like to download this lovely album, click on the link below! Also…PLZ, PLZ, PLZ COMMENT! A ‘ty‘…or ‘you suck, but I am snagging’ makes my day. Okay? Got it? Good =3 


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My Favorite Youtube Videos

Nov. 27th, 2007 | 04:40 pm
mood: lethargiclethargic

Hello, everyone. I decided to make a list of my favorite youtube videos. What? You think its lame...? Well, I am going to do it anyway. There are no music videos, comments, commercial crap, etc etc. 100% Youtube. (Close to it.) There is a couple that have websites, where the video might be posted there first, but youtube comes to a close second.

10. Quadruple Kickflip - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_nw_mQF6RE
Yeah, you just have to watch it. =3

9. Power Thirst - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrPIRYhdnqs
Me and my friends baically quote this about 25 times a week, and laugh ... alot. Its quite sad.

8. Child Prodigy Afronova - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JzcqALklRs
You know what happenes when I atempt this song, I get a D or fail. This kid gets a freakin' AA. he is super adorable though, an I want him to be my bebeh. <3

7. Food Battle 2007- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHi51oWzV_M
"Let's take a stab at your Mom with my dic...tionary." XD Smosh you are my life's entertainment.

6.Dancing Christmas Lights - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fUrjZVCsug&feature=related
Whoever or whoevers decided to do this is/are my hero/heros. Just amazing and prefectly put together.

5. Unmoved Cover by HiDe - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnqgreNtfXQ
*swoons* This guys is super adorable, and his hands are beautiful. =3 I think hes got some talent, and need to do his own work!

4. JapEn Collaboration - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik1NDo24mG0&feature=related @-@ yeah this vid makes me a bit dizzy, but I love it none-the-less. Pretty cool stuff I wish I could do all that niffty stuff.

3.Ninja Info Cards - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbjXmBmHAdk&feature=related >> Don't Laugh...well at the video...not me. Pretty much the greatest remix along with 9000 from DBZ. *Two thumbs up*

2. Zac Kim Chocobo Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwC36OO3IXQ Okay he has a website, and so his vids are posted there first, but he has a youtube as well. Anyway I love all his stuff this happens to be my favorite. He super adorable and should be famous! Huzzah!

1. Ask a Ninja Number Thr33 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvtbkz5HY_o This guy talks crack, but I love every minute of it. Plus, the middle just cracks me up. I mean this is super awesome ninja-ness at its best.

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Santa....giving my ass

Nov. 22nd, 2007 | 10:32 am
mood: contentcontent
music: Lost reason - Abingdon Boys School

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Saturday sakaara77 and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last Wednesday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole surmise's purse (30 points). In April I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). Last Sunday I didn't flush (-1 points). In October I pushed xkuregux in the mud (-17 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-46 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

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M.E.R.R.Y. Album

Nov. 18th, 2007 | 08:51 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: Night in Girl - Miyavi

Well I got my lovely copy of Merry's latest work. Very nice, I must say. I am a complete novice when it comes to Merry I must admit. When I first listened to them about 2 months ago, I literally thought "How could I lived so long without knowing or listening to these people?" The swept me away, and I have been trying to get caught up with what they have been doing. Anyways heres the download and my review =D
(Oh also, I had 36 downloads last time, and 3 comments, 1 was my own! I would really apperciate it if you would comment. Just a simple 'TY' would do nicely.) 

M.E.R.R.Y. Album -Regular Edition-
-Track Listing-
1. M.E.R.R.Y.MARCH ~デンヱンカウキヤウクミキヨク~
2. 歌声喫茶『モダン』
3. Blind Romance
4. 青年秘密倶楽部
5. ルルルラララ
6. 日ノ出町、街角ツンデレラ ~2番ホーム篇~
7. 最果てのパレード
8. コックドール・ママ
9. sweet powder
10. ひらひらとんでる。
11. ラストスノー
12. 木洩れ日が僕を探してる…
13. ポエジー

 Cover and Booklet
I really like the design of this album. It had a great contrast, and looked beautiful. I found that little have drawn half real chick on the back a tad bit creepy though. The booklet was nice as well. It was a fold out give the band members a page with some sort of illistration. (I hate folding it back up agian) If you flip it over you have the lyrics, and that girl again with her sheep. -nods- I really liked the whole concept.

M.E.R.R.Y.MARCH ~デンヱンカウキヤウクミキヨク~

This is an amazing example of how to start of an album. Not to fast, not to slow, a nice beat. The music builds up and makes you wait for the main part... -insert amazing piano here- and it makes you want to get up and dance. A lovely jazz track that is really impressive.

Blind Romance
There is only word to describe this song ORGASMICAL. I literally can listen to this song 40 times in a row before getting tired of it. All the instrumentals are very distinct, and amazing. Its like sex covered in frosting. (I actually recommend this track to people who have enver head of jrock, some of my friends seem to like it alot.)

Did I ever mention about how much i love the drums? I like the people who play them, what they look like,. an how they sound. This song starts off with a crazy good drum solo, which makes me happy. =3 This song sounds repeatative, but it has its good parts. The vocals toward the middle are wonderful. For such a plain song, it really impresses me. (The title looks like some sort of sound effect you would see in a manga, does it not?)

日ノ出町、街角ツンデレラ ~2番ホーム篇~
This was on one if the singles, and I must admiit it didn't impress me at all. I thought it was an odd track, and I think it doesnt really fit on this album. Anyway, this version sounds a little more rockish, so it isn't as bad. It still sounds super odd, with the accordian going on in the backround.

This is makes me so happy, and want to dance. I listen to it when I walk to school, or work at the shelter at least twice. It makes life worth living again. The vocals litterally blow me away with the powerfulness. Its a bit more agressive, but in the best way. I begin to play air guitar, then move to the air drums through this song. *dances*

Another nice and agreesive song by our dear Merry. I rather like it, despite the instrumentals being dilute sounding. The screaming is lovely, and I love the little saxaphone bit in the middle. The guitar is lovely as well. Its a well rounded track. 

 sweet powder
This has to be my favorite track that wasn't on a single. The vocals come out loud, clear, and oh so sexy. The beat is ubber catchy, and is a nice pace. Uh... I really dont have any more to say about it. 

A great track this one is. I hear some sort of flute in the backround, making is whimsical sounding. The vocals one again are powerful and make your heart skip a beat. (Spesh when hes is saying sayaonara. <3) I do find the little kids toward the end, a bit out of place, then creepy...

Ah, this song sounds really refreashing, and peaceful. I love to wake up to it in the mornings. It says "Hello, its a beautiful day to get you ass out of bed and do something." The middle is really odd, but I really like, its there to spice things up. (Plus make you bop your head a bit.) 

This is the bonus track I believe. It reminded me of some surfer's theme. (possibly is) The vocals sound a litle rough, and out of tune, but it makes it unique. Uhmmm hmm nice track...the gutair sounds like it just got back from a bar night with its buddies though.

There you go guys, please enjoy and comment =33.

Download here plz:

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Anime Convention

Nov. 11th, 2007 | 06:49 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Ushiwaka's Dance ~ Playing with Ushiwaka - Okami

You know, I just realized I didn't write an entry over the anime convention! A week late, but I remember so clearly.

So we, Me and Chi, drive for two hours after an endless night of excitment, and finally get to OKC Meridan Street, and when we get out of the car, I see an amazing Sora cosplayer. o_o Then we registered and got a FREE newtype USA as a door prize...WHAT A FANTASTIC START!

We get in through the doors, and theres the fan-ally so I basically look at EVERYTHING. Chi was so annoyed. It was all so cute, and I wanted it all! SO many doujinshi's so little time. So we get to the end of the ally, turn the corner, BAM! Hot Asian Man Sex dressed as Roxas! (Oranization 13 style) Well, beyond that corner...wasnt seen until later...cause Chi and I just follwed him from where we came from. Hehe...I got his autograph later XD.

So we walked around the buying area for about an hour and a half looking a crap. So much stuff...so much...I wanted it all.

I took pictures of cosplayers like Armageddon was tomorrow. Most of them were so cute, and accurate! I admire those people who do the whole cosplay thing. It takes so much to make your own costume, put your kinda of twist on it, and then prance around in it for three days showing it off to everyone! =3 Amazing...

I talked to a couple of cool people and I love them all. Thank you for accepting my convention Noobiness!

OKay now for the amazing part. Chi was really discouraged about the whole thing where Vic had the autograph signing the day before. We kept asking around, and like surprizingly NO ONE KNEW. PLus we couldn't find a schedual. I admit I was disapointed, and thats pretty much why I went, but it all turned out in the end. So my and Michelle went into a room, and some one said 'VIC SIGNING AT 3!' 0____0!!! "Line Starts here!" We basiclaly run to the line, and get there third in line! So lucky~ So, I met Vic Mignogna. Yes..and hugged him...and got his autograph, and a pic...and touched him. =D Great times....#^_^#

Anywhos...yeah just ask if you wanna see the pictures or whatever.

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